LUV Belly Practice Songs

The wonderful world of music offers an endless variety of songs to dance to, and finding music for belly dance practice is great fun. These are in my ear today. All songs below are available on iTunes.

“Khamsa We Kamsine”                 Chalf Hassan

“Paint It Black”                                Demetra Suvari

“Bellydancing (Arabic Music)”    Belly Dance (album)

“Hips Don’t Lie”                              Shakira

“We Daret El Ayam”                       Mahmoud Fadi

“Mother’s Love”                               Ari Cohen

“Tahrir”                                               Ramzi Aburedwan

“Solo Darbuka”                                 Chalf Hassan

“Echoes of Istanbul”                       Keith Halligan

“Lebanese Blonde”                          Thievery Corporation

“Change the World”                         Eric Clapton