LUV Options, a Menu of Services

**All services that specify LUVMVMT include dance, yoga and bodyweight strength training in a fun, fusion format geared toward expression and the improvement of flexibility, balance and power.

LUV-IN  $12/person for a 45-minute LUVMVMT group class. Minimum: 5. Maximum: 25.

LUVMVMT With Annette  INDIVIDUAL $100 for a 90-minute, in-home, private session. BUDDY SYSTEM $140 for a 90-minute, in-home, private session for 2 students.

LUV Yoga: Private, in-home yoga coaching, with following options for 60-minute practices: 1 session = $60. 3 sessions = $165. 5 sessions = $250. 8 sessions = $360.

LUV YogaLean: Private, in-home, lifestyle coaching for students desiring healthy weight loss that includes yoga practice, bodyweight strength training and mindfulness tools to apply to eating habits and emotional balance. Set of 10 one-hour sessions: $490.