Yoga Fitness: Take Me Higher Playlist


For a high energy yoga flow or power yoga practice, this playlist gets the blood flowing and the endorphins soaring. I first pulled it together as a playlist for my running called “Runner’s High.” I use it in a group class I teach that is about half bodyweight strength training and half yoga poses. Fun to dance to, as well. Enjoy!

“Worth It”                                                          Fifth Harmony

“Shape of You”                                                  Ed Sheeran

“Chained to the Rhythm”                                Katy Perry

“Hold My Heart”                                               Lindsey Stirling

“Man Like That”                                                Gin Wigmore

“Freedom! ’90”                                                   George Michael

“Me Too”                                                              Meghan Trainor

“Bang Bang”                        Jesse J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj

“Rebel Rebel”                      David Bowie (2016 Remastered)

“Suffragette City”               David Bowie (2012 Remastered)

“Billie Jean (cover version)”       Acoustic Tribute Band

“Send My Love”                                                   Adele

“You Need Love Like I Do”           Gladys Knight & The Pips

“Forget”                                                                Pogo

** Followed by one or two slow songs for a brief Savasana (relaxation pose).

***If you want to have a playlist for a long run, I also use these songs to create a peppy groove for cranking out the miles.

“It Don’t Mean A Thing”  Lionel Hampton, Electro Swing Vol 4

“Freaks Orchestra”                                            The Noisy Freaks

“The Trouble”                                                      Pogo

“Tattoos”                                                              Caravan Palace

“Wonderland”                                                     Caravan Palace

“Hyperactive!”                                                     Thomas Dolby

“A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody”   Fergie, Q-Tip & GoonRock

Emerald Yoga: St. Patrick’s Day Playlist


It is no huge deductive leap to look at me and suppose that I observe St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, as a celebration of my people. And, I don’t mean “Beer-Truck Saturday,” which Richmond used last weekend as an excuse to get sloshed in plastic, green derbies and cheap bead necklaces. Not that there’s anything wrong with that 😉 Slainte!

For this week’s Gentle Yoga class, I built an Erin Go Bragh playlist that lifts the spirits and soothes. Had to leave out the countless jigs and reels available, as well as more rocking, martial offerings such as U2’s “Bloody Sunday.” All songs are available for download on iTunes and probably elsewhere, if you take my meaning. Angelic voices, harps, flutes, some Gaelic indecipherable to the American ear and even a recitation of a William Butler Yeats poem. (Apologies that I cannot work out how to get proper accent marks on the Gaelic.)

“The Stolen Child”                                       The Waterboys

“She Moved Through The Fair”                     Sheoda

“The Foggy Dew”     The Chieftains & Sinead O’Connor

“Boadicea”                                                         Enya

“Smaoinim”                                                      Enya

“Siuil a Run”                                                     Lisa Kelly

“Danny Boy”                       James Galway & The Chieftains

“Linger”                                                             The Cranberries

“October”                                                           U2

“Chasing Cars”                                                 Snow Patrol

“Port na bPucai”                                              Triona Marshall

“Irish Harp”                                                      Wellness Chillout

“Sally Gardens”                                  Celtic Harp Soundscapes

“The Parting Glass”                           UCD Choral Scholars