Recess! NOW!


We are born to move. Sitting still too long– even for the joy of learning or the necessity of earning rent money– crushes the spirit and outright annoys the body. Oh, if they could only verbalize, maybe we would ignore them less.

Spirit, “Let me out of here! Let me be free!” Robustly, with splendid animation.

Body, “This is BS.” Simmering heat.

Spirit, “Let me go!” Desperately, with wild abandon.

Body, “You can’t do this to me.” Bubbling anger.

Spirit, “I just want to go… out… and… play…” Whimpering, with no hope.

Body, “Oh, yeah? You think you own me? I’m gonna break out in Cortisol Love Handles and Starving Pains. And, if you keep me here one second longer, we gonna have us some Hemorrhoids and Pre-Diabetes. And if that don’t work, Spit Balls on the ceiling  BECAUSE I AM NOT PLAYING!”

Indeed. Not Playing. Our bodies are living, breathing journals of all we do and do not do. You don’t play enough? It will be recorded and eventually show. Not playing is, I believe, a root cause of Lifestyle Diseases. What a phrase, right? You make your choices — or believe you don’t have any choices — and you can develop diabetes, heart disease, obesity, stroke, hardening of the arteries with perhaps addiction to numbing agents such as alcohol, nicotine, drugs and junk foods.

Someone will want to pipe up a protest:

Don’t take away what little pleasure I have! 

Everybody dies!

How about that famous runner guy, skinny dude who dropped dead from a heart attack?

I don’t have time for that nonsense.

It didn’t work.

Grow up. Playing is for kids. And babies.

Body, however, is not having any of those excuses. Whether you’ve numbed it with Doritos or numbed it with starvation, it needs what it needs and will not stop demanding it. And, deep down, Spirit is ready to rise back up and feel the joy again.

It’s time to get up, get out and play. RECESS!

Recess can be fun with friends, too. Check out the LUV OPTIONS Menu for info on LUVMVMT® group classes and private sessions.

Supple & Strong

Westerners think of belly dance as a performance art, something to please or titillate an audience. Its origins, however, are rooted in the essence of femininity. Belly dance was handed down and taught by mothers and grandmothers to young women to prepare the body for possible motherhood and the rigors of childbirth. Creative movement for the creation center! It was done in a community of women and not in mixed company.

Today, whether or not we plan on having children, whether or not we hope to perform for an audience, belly dance is a fabulous way to treat your body to the movement it loves.

Enter the Judgment Free Zone: shimmy, roll, wiggle, jiggle and shake and be proud of it. I teach an introduction to belly dance that breaks down the movements to make them accessible to women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Elements of belly dance are also incorporated into the LUVMVMT® LUV-IN classes and private sessions. Women and men can benefit from a strong core and supple spine.

NEXT belly dance class launches October 13, 2016, in a 5:30-6:30 pm weekly Thursday slot at the Weinstein JCC in its Fall specialty classes. It is an All Women class. Here’s the link to register:

Supple & Strong