LUV OPTIONS, A Menu of Services

LUVMVMT® exists to help guide women and men to that happy place where you honor the body you have and learn healthy, pleasurable ways to care for it.  That place where all feelings are valid and can be moved and expressed through the body. The glow of self-love not only illuminates your life, it also radiates outward. It invites others to come out of the Cave of Numbness and dance together in the light. It’s time to play!

LUVMVMT® group sessions teach self-love and self-care through a hybrid of fitness and dance disciplines that endow strength, flexibility and balance. The work begins in your muscles and transforms your outlook. Music is central. Fun is essential.

LUVMVMT® private sessions are tailored to your unique physical and emotional needs. As such, individual sessions may center more on muscular strength training, dance or yoga. Elements of strength, flexibility and balance will all be covered. Fun is essential.


***All services that specify LUVMVMT® include dance, yoga and bodyweight strength training in a fun, fusion format geared toward expression and the improvement of flexibility, balance, power and positive mindset.

**Group classes and private sessions available in the individual disciplines. LUV Belly, LUV StrongLUV Yoga and a lifestyle re-set program called LUV Yo’Lean.

LUV-IN $12/person for a 45-minute LUVMVMT® group class. Minimum: 5 students. Maximum: 25 students.

LUVMVMT® With Annette INDIVIDUAL $100 for a 90-minute, in-home, private session. BUDDY SYSTEM for 2 students: $140 for a 90-minute, in-home, private session.

LUV SKYPE With Annette Initial consultation via email is FREE and requires the filling out of two questionnaires by the potential client. Initial Session is a 40-minute, visual assessment via SKYPE of the client’s current state of fitness and how it can evolve to meet client’s goals. Initial Assessment Session cost: $45. INDIVIDUAL $60 for a 60-minute, private session. Set of 5 private sessions: $250. Student must have a SKYPE connection via computer and supply any weight-training or yoga equipment required for specially designed workouts.

LUV Belly Private, 60-minute, in-home introduction to belly dance. Develop core strength, improve posture and coordination and flexibility, while expressing your spirit in this ancient, feminine art form. One session= $60. Set of 5 private sessions: $250. Private, on-going group classes, 45-minute = $12/student/class (minimum of 5 students), as a set of recurring classes. Public group classes (held at various posted locations), 45-minute: Drop-in fee = $10 OR Dance Card = $32 for 4 classes.

LUV Belly Event: Team-building for WomenGirls’ Night or a Bachelorette Party are all great occasions for a single, 45-minute LUV Belly class. $15/person, minimum 5 people, includes a chiffon coin scarf. *Must be booked at least 10 days in advance.

LUV Strong  Private, 45-minute, in-home strength training, primarily bodyweight work.  One session = $60. Five sessions = $275. Ten sessions = $500. BUDDY SYSTEM for 2 people: One session = $50. Five sessions = $225. Ten sessions = $450. Private, 60-minute, in-home strength training, mix of bodyweight and equipment such as dumbbells, barbell, bands and stability ball. One session = $70. Ten sessions = $600. BUDDY SYSTEM for 2 people: One session = $75. Ten sessions = $700.

LUV Yoga Private, 60-minute, in-home yoga coaching. One session = $60. Three sessions = $165. Five sessions = $250. BUDDY SYSTEM for up to 5 students:  $70/hour flat rate, shared among students.

LUV Yo’Lean Private, in-home, lifestyle coaching for student desiring healthy weight loss that focuses on mindset, self-love and self-care. Sessions include yoga practice, bodyweight strength training and learning mindfulness tools to apply to eating habits and emotional balance. Set of 10 one-hour sessions: $500. (Recommended reading: YogaLean by Beth Shaw. The Yamas & Niyamas: Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice by Deborah Adele.) BUDDY SYSTEM for 2 students: Set of 10 one-hour sessions: $600 (which students may split as they desire). FOLLOW-UP SESSIONS: One session = $60. Three sessions= $165. Five sessions = $250.