Price List

LUVMVMT® private sessions are tailored to your unique physical and emotional needs and goals. As such, after an initial assessment, individuals may choose to focus sessions more on muscular strength training, dance or yoga. We may also build a hybrid format tailored to you, if desired.

Service area includes Annapolis, MD, and locations within a 20-mile radius. (Location exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis, with a possible travel charge fee.)


** Private and Buddy System sessions available in the individual disciplines or in a hybrid format. LUV StrongLUV Yoga, LUV Yo’Lean and LUV Belly Dance.

LUV Strong  Private, 60-minute, in-home strength training, featuring but not limited to bodyweight work.

LUV Yoga Private, 60-minute, in-home yoga coaching. Beginner to intermediate.

LUV Yo’Lean Private, in-home, lifestyle coaching for student desiring healthy weight loss that focuses on mindset, self-love and self-care. 60-minute sessions include yoga practice and learning mindfulness tools to apply to eating habits, emotional balance and stress reduction.  (Recommended reading: YogaLean by Beth Shaw. The Yamas & Niyamas: Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice by Deborah Adele.)

LUV Belly Dance Private, 60-minute, in-home introduction to belly dance with a focus on fitness and fun. Develop core strength, improve posture and coordination and flexibility, while expressing your spirit in this ancient, feminine art form.

LUV Belly Dance Event: Team-building for WomenGirls’ Night or a Bachelorette Party are all great occasions for a single, 45-minute LUV Belly class. $20/person, minimum 5 people, includes a chiffon coin scarf. *Must be booked at least 14 days in advance.

In-home training saves you time and ultimately money. No more dealing with road traffic to and from the gym. No more dealing with floor traffic at the gym, waiting for someone else to finish using a piece of equipment and to remember to wipe it down. No more building your precious free time around when a group class happens to occur. I come to you. No more time spent searching the Web for exercises from reliable sources that– bottom line– have neither met you nor assessed your fitness baseline and cannot be with you to adjust your plan as you evolve. No more time wasted guessing what might work for your body and what might get you to your goals most efficiently. I did the hours of studying and the practice so you can focus on goals.

Commitment to meeting your health and fitness goals requires planning and follow-through. With proper training support and a highly individualized plan tailored to your needs and goals, you are much more likely to develop both the physique, fitness and sense of well-being that exercise can deliver. I offer a wide array of training packages to suit a variety of budgets. The larger training packages offer the best price breaks per session.

All packages may be purchased as gift certificates, if desired. Once the gift certificate is used for a session, it is the property of that individual and follows the rules below regarding transfers.

All packages are non-refundable.*

All packages are non-transferrable and must be used by the individual within 365 days of purchase or will be forfeited, with only two verified, written exceptions: medical emergency and/or job transfer out of the covered location. In the case of a verified, written exception, the remainder of the package may be transferred ONCE to an individual.

*NOTE: The only refunds applicable would be if the trainer were unable for medical reasons or because of relocation to complete the sessions of a prepaid package. In that case, the unused portion of the package would be refunded to the client within 60 days or less.

FITNESS Assessment for an Individual

Establishing what your baseline of fitness is before developing a workout plan assures that your needs can be met, whether you are a beginner, a seasoned exerciser or a competitive athlete or dancer. Highly recommended that individuals complete this in-home assessment that I administer over 45 minutes to one hour. I will share with you in a written report via email the results of your assessment and general recommendations for your workout plan.


Intro To Training

Personalized Intro to Training for New Clients Only. Four one-hour sessions for an individual in your home, tailored to get you started meeting your needs and goals for a healthier, fitter you. Perfect for someone who hasn't worked out in a while or is curious about the benefits of an in-home training. Plus, the package includes a one-time, FREE pre-training assessment session of 45 minutes, at your home.


BODYWISE Training Package of 6 Sessions for an Individual

Be wise and invest in your health. Six one-hour training sessions for an individual, in your home. This price point comes to $106/session.


BODYSAGE Training Package of 12 sessions for An Individual

Be sage and develop your physical health with a package of 12 one-hour training sessions in your home. This price point comes to $101/session.


BODYSAVANT 24 Session Training Package for an Individual

Evolve into your best state of health and wellness by investing in a package of 24 one-hour training sessions in your home. This price point comes to $96/session.


BODYMASTER Training Package for 50 Sessions for an Individual

Take charge of your physical health and development, moving toward mastery of your fitness goals with a training package of 50 sessions for an individual. This price point comes to $91/session.


BODYZEALOT Training Package of 100 Sessions for an Individual

Total commitment to being as fit and healthy as you can yields the best possible results. If you know 100 % this is your year, investing in the BODYZEALOT training package locks you in to the best price per session offered here. Perfect for the client sure to do at least two sessions per week, most weeks. One hundred one-hour sessions in your home. This price point comes to $86/session.