Move Freely. Stand Tall.

Long front body. Reach with the crown of the head. In dance, as in yoga, these teaching cues will be heard by students so frequently they may become a kind of white noise. Nevertheless, the actions are essential to moving freely with a supple spine.

We all have different ways of learning. For lovers of the technical and scientific, here is a useful description of how and why the “long front body” makes all forms of movement more free and less inclined to stress and injury. Hats off to this TED Talk speaker!

Author: DancerAndDasher

Strength and wellness coach. Yoga teacher. Belly dance fitness instructor. Ballroom dancer. The LUVMVMT umbrella covers most of my recent writing. I have also shared my personal dance and yoga journeys on the following blogs: "Diary of a Mad Dancer" is my journey to the competition floor of glamorous dancesport. Yes, it's a tale that probably should have begun with dance-mad parents urging on their darling lass of three, in Europe. Instead: Virginia, suburbia, mid-life. It's a dream come true. Sometimes with all the logic and consistency of a slumbering mind. "Dance of Life Yoga" shares the beauty, peace and awareness that yoga can bring into your life. It transformed mine in ways I never anticipated.

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