We are born to move. The first sound we ever hear, the first vibration we ever sense is a heartbeat. The beat is our source. Music, propelled by beats, propels us. Our bright and beautiful spirits burst with energy. We are born to dance. Born to merge our heartbeat with song. Forgetting this, sitting too much, separating from the beat in sterile silence or  in the cacophanous noise of data and more data, we can lose touch with our energy. Begin to loathe rather than love our miraculous bodies. It’s time to feel the love again. Self-love. Love of the beat and the pulse of life.

LUVMVMT® was born to teach the fine art of self-love through movement. Born to restore harmony and build balance. Centered strength and fluid expression are your birthright. Love your body. Express your spirit.

LUVMVMT® merges principles from yoga, dance and strength training. Founder Annette McGrath is a competitive dancer and a registered yoga teacher (RYT 200).

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Author: DancerAndDasher

Strength and wellness coach. Yoga teacher. Belly dance fitness instructor. Ballroom dancer. The LUVMVMT umbrella covers most of my recent writing. I have also shared my personal dance and yoga journeys on the following blogs: "Diary of a Mad Dancer" is my journey to the competition floor of glamorous dancesport. Yes, it's a tale that probably should have begun with dance-mad parents urging on their darling lass of three, in Europe. Instead: Virginia, suburbia, mid-life. It's a dream come true. Sometimes with all the logic and consistency of a slumbering mind. "Dance of Life Yoga" shares the beauty, peace and awareness that yoga can bring into your life. It transformed mine in ways I never anticipated.

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